housefly NOUN a common small fly occurring in and around human habitation.

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  • housefly — house fly n. 1. common fly ({Musca domestica}) that frequents human habitations and spreads many diseases. Syn: {Musca domestica}. [WordNet 1.5] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • housefly — early 15c., from HOUSE (Cf. house) (n.) + FLY (Cf. fly) (n.) …   Etymology dictionary

  • housefly — [hous′flī΄] n. pl. houseflies any of a genus (Musca) of disease carrying muscid flies found in and around houses, and feeding on garbage, manure, and food; esp., a common worldwide species ( M. domestica): see INSECT …   English World dictionary

  • Housefly — Not to be confused with horsefly. Housefly Scientific classification Kingdom: Animalia Phylu …   Wikipedia

  • housefly — /hows fluy /, n., pl. houseflies. a medium sized, gray striped fly, Musca domestica, common around human habitations in nearly all parts of the world. Also, house fly. [1400 50; late ME; see HOUSE, FLY2] * * * Common dipteran (Musca domestica),… …   Universalium

  • housefly — UK [ˈhaʊsˌflaɪ] / US noun [countable] Word forms housefly : singular housefly plural houseflies a very common flying insect that often lives in houses and is attracted by food …   English dictionary

  • housefly — noun Date: 15th century a cosmopolitan dipteran fly (Musca domestica) that is often about human habitations and may act as a mechanical vector of diseases (as typhoid fever); also any of various flies of similar appearance or habitat …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • housefly — noun The common fly, of the species Musca domestica that occurs in most homes; it can spread some diseases …   Wiktionary

  • housefly — See Musca, Fannia. * * * house·fly .flī n, pl flies a cosmopolitan dipteran fly of the genus Musca (M. domestica) that is often found about human habitations and may act as a mechanical vector of diseases (as typhoid fever) also any of various… …   Medical dictionary

  • housefly — house|fly [ˈhausflaı] n plural houseflies a common type of fly that lives in people s houses …   Dictionary of contemporary English

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